Day 1


When the relationship is ended and each one of you goes his way, the bonds are breaking, and the usual function of the mind is interrupted.

Once the relationship has come to an end and you both go your own way, the bonds that were once there become ruptured and the usual function of the mind gets interrupted. The mind doesn’t like changing, it likes to stay in the place it knows and feels secure and comfortable, even if the environment is not comfortable.

For the mind, it’s better to stay in the same environment than to make drastic changes. Therefore, your mind will give you every reason to go back to your ex and resist the change.

Acceptance is the first step in the healing process. Once you accept your situation, you stop your resistance and efforts to change the reality to be in your favor.

Being in acceptance means:

● Acknowledging that things can change without your commands
● Knowing that your control over reality is limited
● Forfeiting from the fight against the unwanted factors
● Stopping the resistance against your current reality and allowing things to just be
● Allowing your negative emotions to express themselves
● Accepting your negative feelings as they are
● Shutting down your criticism and judgment
● Knowing that everything is done in a precise order
● Acknowledging that it is what it is, and it is perfect as it is

Action step:

Make a list of all the things that:

● You are not content with
● Factors that are hard for you to accept
● Emotions that you don’t want to feel
● Things that have been done against your expectations.

When you catch yourself overthinking or struggling to contain the heavy emotions, pause and say to yourself “I choose to accept this situation.”

When welcoming this acceptance, attempt to narrow down to the specific subjects and feelings that are constantly circling your mind, that cause this overthinking.

One by one, accept them, release the negative emotions. “I choose to accept my anger, my shame, my resentment, etc…”

Now you are gradually putting an end to the resistance towards your true reality, the one you have been dreading to look in the eye.

Acceptance is your way to choose to stop avoiding your regular unhealthy thought patterns and emotions. From here, you are able to help yourself gain the clarity and reassurance that it’s okay to keep going and take the next step.

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