Day 10


The fear of rejection and abandonment is so strong that it can lead you to act in denial and ignore all the signs that need to wake you up and ask the right questions.

The signs have been there all along but you chose subconsciously not to rock the boat and pay the price of the thing you’re most afraid of; to end up lonely, to feel rejected. These signs have been shut down and ignored in your mind due to your obscured vision.

Today I want to help you accept your reality and show you that your relationship was struggled and not worked as it supposes to work.

Today, I want to help you accept your current reality and display that your relationship was struggled and not functioning like it was supposed to.

A relationship is a game for two, if only one player plays, there is infact no game.

Action step:

● Can you recall a situation in which you saw or felt things went wrong or were weird, but in retrospect, it was the things that you chose to ignore?
● List five situations that were clear signs that something was wrong in your relationship.
● Can you recall situations when you felt alone in the relationship?

I’m so proud of you!

In the last 10 days, you gained a new perspective of the whole situation and an understanding of how you ended up in your position.

The acceptance part is the hardest stage because you have to immerse yourself in the darkest parts of your memories and emotions, potentially the ones you avoided bringing back up.

So, today you’re going to release all your negative emotions and the beauty of all that is you are going to let them go for good.

In the next 10 days, we are going to release negative emotions and clear the mind.

Let’s get started.

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