Day 11


It’s true to say that regardless of how long your relationship with your ex lasted, you probably have many memories from that time.

Aside from memories, you have tangible items all around that remind you of your ex, those items are all over the place and affect your emotions every time you come into contact with them.

Eliminating the triggers that initially set off your emotions is the greatest approach to keeping them under control. You are activating the hot buttons that influence your emotions and attitude when you are surrounded by memories.

As long as you continue to emotionally live in the past, you will not advance in your recover. So today, you are going to remove the triggers that have an impact on your emotions and essentially hold you back.

Action step:

So, what are you going to do today for your emotional recovery?

● Avoid talking with them in any way.
● Avoid meeting them face to face.
● Avoid calls, delete their number.
● Avoid emails or any kind of text.
● Delete the voice messages.
● Avoid social media stalking.
● Avoid talking about the breakup or your ex.
● Avoid places that your ex used to go.
● Avoid places that you used to go to together.
● Remove all the photos from the mobile, tablet or laptop.
● Remove all your ex’s belongings.
● Remove items that you bought together.
● Remove the presents that you received.

If you stayed at the same place where you lived together:

● Change the furniture layout.
● Paint the walls or do a semi-renovation.
● Change your bedroom or change the bed location.
● Change your routines.

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