Day 12


Each and every one of us will process the experience of a breakup differently, it’s important to learn how to let your negative emotions go on after a relationship ends. By doing so, you are opening yourself doors for endless possibilities to improve your state of emotional well-being, paving the foundation for a healthier relationship in the future.

People are constantly scavenging for fulfillment, peace of mind and security. They do this by changing occupations, moving to a different location, even states and continents only to discover that their external environment doesn’t alter their insecurities about themselves.

People often fall into the trap of believing the external environment will impact how they act and feel, hoping to feel more satisfied and joyful. The truth is, nothing will fulfill you like your own self, like changing the way you perceive things instead of run away from them. This starts with eliminating the emotions and thoughts that create this negative pattern.

Research shows that negative emotions lasts for 90 seconds, your brain then produces chemicals that put your whole body under the influence of that emotion.

The brian produces chemicals for every emotion, some of these include:

● Serotonin – responsible for your happiness level and regulate your sleep cycle.
● Adrenaline – plays a vital role in your freeze/ fight and flight response.
● Dopamine – associated with pleasure, satisfaction and motivation.
● Oxytocin – also known as the “love hormone”, responsible for creating bonds with loved ones.

This episode lasts no longer than 90 seconds, after that the brain stops releasing the chemicals and your body is back to functioning normally. Every time you feel this negative emotion, it’s because you have already linked it with a memory or story you engraved yourself, making this a never-ending and vicious cycle.

The question to ask is what causes you to feel negative emotions in the first place?

The answer is the thought pattern that has been activated countless times. If you will pay close attention, you will find that you felt negative emotions such as anger, fear, resentment and jealousy every time because of the same thought patterns that activated the negative emotions.

By choosing to let go of your negative emotions, you eliminate the trigger and you also let go of all the thoughts that you associate with this matter.

Today you’re going to let go of your negative feelings and in their place, you will only have confidence, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

It’s crucial to feel each feeling associated with each sentence and understand why it’s challenging for you to accept reality.

Go to your journal and check all the lists that you created in the last 10 days. Now, read each sentence out loud or silently feel it in your body.

Action step:

The next step is to practice letting go of each line from the list. Your goal is to make peace with your situation without feeling any resistance to it.

● Allow yourself to feel the negative feelings that come up.
● Identify exactly what you feel and name it.
● Choose to let it go.
● Do it as much as you need until your negative emotions are lifted

Find a quiet space, sit in a comfortable chair, and take a deep breath, focusing your attention on your heart area.

Check-in with yourself and identify what you’re feeling – is there a negative emotion weighing on your heart right now? If so, take a moment to name it and write it down.

Next, take a few deep breaths and imagine that negative emotion leaving your body with each exhale. As you feel the emotion in your heart or chest, gently ask it to release its hold on you, and keep repeating this process until you no longer feel that negative emotion.

Repeat this exercise for any other negative emotions you’re holding onto, taking the time to breathe deeply and let them go. By releasing these negative emotions, you’ll be able to start your day with a clearer, more positive mindset, ready to tackle whatever challenges may come your way.

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