Day 15


Thoughts of your past relationship have probably been on your mind every single day since the breakup. These thoughts are the questions that you ask yourself and seek the answers to, but when you don’t receive your answers then your thinking process is stuck in a continuous loop.

This may even appear in a form of made-up scenarios that you play up in your mind. You indulge in the “what if” questions, thinking all kind of questions:

● “Will I ever find someone as good as them?”
● “ What if I am meant to stay alone?”
● “ what if we get back together and i’ll miss out on someone better?”

Another kind of overthinking is to bombard yourself with questions that implement fear and doubt in your life:
● How can I start over again?
● How long will I stay alone?
● How am I going to pass through all this suffering?
● How can I find fulfillment in my life again?

Today you are going to stop overthinking.

Being persistent is crucial because it will take some time to modify your ingrained ways of thinking because the quality of your daily life is a direct mirror of the quality of your thoughts; when you change your thinking, your entire reality will change in front of you.

Overthinking is pointless, the thoughts running in your mind and jumping from subject to subject.

Overthinking is a naturally occurring stimulation in our mind and often more than not, it doesn’t work in our favour. In order to make rational decisions, we need to have a calm and stable mind.

Action step:

When you catch yourself overthinking do this:

● Say silently or out loud “stop” and imagine in your mind a red traffic light, do this as much as you need.
● Before bed time write down all your thoughts, clear your mind into the paper.

Do this process as much as you need to get control over your mind.

You can detach yourself from your thoughts by keeping watch of what you are thinking about. Simply observe them, do not attempt to change or judge them. Tell yourself what the subject is that you’re thinking about.

For example, if you have thought of not being good enough, say to yourself “I’m thinking that I’m not good enough”.

This will get you to acknowledge that you are not your thoughts and will give you the power to gain control over what passes through your mind.

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