Day 16


The human mind has a tendency to repeat thoughts on the same subject over and over again. The longer you hold onto a thought, the more related thoughts
the mind will produce, following the universal law of “like attracts like.”

However, you have the power to influence the content of your thoughts and replace them with more desirable ones. Although you cannot stop the flow of thoughts entirely, you can implement technique to redirect them.

One effective technique is to distract your mind from habitually recurring thoughts. By engaging in activities that require concentration, you can shift your focus away from unwanted thoughts and onto constructive thoughts.

Your mind can only process one singular thought at a time, so let’s use it to your advantage.

You’re going to distract your negative thoughts by replacing them with more constructive thoughts.

The process is simple:

● Watch your thoughts.
● Stop the cycle.
● Replace the thoughts with empowering ones.

Today you’re going to eliminate your negative thinking.

In order to swap a negative thought with an empowering one, you have to create it first.

Action step:

Imagine your end goal in your mind, how your life will be after you pass the challenges that you face today.

For example: if you struggle with rejected feelings, create in your mind a harmonious relationship and feel the security and love that this relationship gives you.

Now every time that you think about rejection, replace that with the pleasant image you created.

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