Day 19


Self love is the ability to let go of resistance and to welcome your thoughts and feelings without judgment and criticism even though you’re struggling right now.

Act with love towards yourself and recognise that there are no mistakes in the universe and that all kinds of experiences are a part of the human journey.

Although a breakup is difficult, it can help you build resilience and make you stronger for the rest of your life.

The “love yourself” purpose is to soften your negative emotions, ease the pain in your chest and find sympathy towards yourself in the midst of struggling and suffering.

I want you to understand that failures and mistakes are a necessary component of human experience. Without which we would be unable to learn and restart and as you learn from your mistakes, you grow stronger and more resilient.

Action step:

Today you’re going to give some love to yourself.

Imagine a close friend is struggling with a difficult situation and asks for your help.

● What are you going to do to help them?
● How are you going to support them?

Draft a letter to yourself as you talk to a good friend.

In this letter describe how you will help them during this challenging time and how you will show love and security.

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