Day 20


Today is a special day and you have a special activity to do, you are going to laugh…

An excellent method to alter your attitude and boost your positive energy is through laughter. According to research, laughing has a wide range of positive effects that can enhance your life and boost your general well-being.

Since you can’t feel negative emotions and laugh at the same time, laughing increases your entire worldview and alters how you experience difficult events.

Action step:

So, what action to should you take here?

● Listen to other jokes.
● Go to a comedy show.
● Watch funny movies or youtube videos.
● Read funny comics.
● Stand in front of a mirror and practice laughter.
● Recall embarrassing moments and laugh at yourself.
● Practicing laughter daily will change your life.
● List at least five occasions when you felt especially great

Well done!

Day by day, you gain a wider understanding at how this program is developed to allow you to see the road of recovery for yourself.

The first ten days were dedicated to reducing your resistance and helping you develop a different perspective on the situation. The next ten days were focused on releasing your negative emotions and helping you feel lighter and more content.

So now we are going to start the third part of the program and in this section, you are going to develop your confidence and self-esteem, but this is just the beginning.

I firmly believe that every one of us was born without limitations whatsoever, all the limitations that you face today, you adapt along the way.

Everything that you programmed can be easily changed if you’re not happy with your condition of reality and I saw it happen many times.

This section is built to install the seeds that will bring you everything your heart desires.

Take every task seriously and create your limitless future because everything is possible for you if you believe that you can achieve it.

Let’s get started.

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