Day 21


Confidence, peace of mind and fulfillment are the perfect combination for a successful and happy life. Being confident allows you to manage your inner critic, tune out your critical self-talk and act in spite of anxiety and doubt.

Self-confidence is the ability to make informed decisions in difficult situations, get through obstacles and maintain your attention on your goals.

Understanding the value of failure helps you accept your mistakes and acknowledge that risk is an essential element in the game of life because there is no progress and growth without experiencing new things.

In the next few days, you are going to strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem, but before we get to the exercises, here are some rules to maintain your self-confidence.

● Don’t listen to your inner criticism
● Don’t judge yourself.
● Don’t compare yourself to anyone.
● Don’t let the fear stop you.
● Don’t be a perfectionist, nothing around you is perfect.
● Don’t wait for the right condition just do it.

Action step:

Today you are going to focus on your strengths, ask yourself those questions.

● What are you proud of about yourself?
● What is your talent that makes you special?

Identify all of your positive traits, look within and discover your best self.

For example:

● You are good with numbers.
● You are good in the kitchen.
● You are an organised individual.
● You have good management abilities .
● You are creative with your hands or with tools.
● You are a good listener and compassionate.

After finding what your strengths are and what your point of power is, I want you to direct your life to be encompassed by your power traits because you are able to develop yourself from this point of comfort almost effortlessly.

Confidence develops when you succeed at your chosen actions. You are supposed to choose all the actions that you excel at and feel in harmony with.

Be an expert in your chosen field, don’t be a generalist, be a specialist. Your confidence and value will skyrocket.

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