Day 22


Confidence can be developed just like your other characteristics:

We all contain the same abilities, however you once tried something and received a negative response either from someone else or from yourself and since then you closed off to trying it again in order to protect yourself, avoiding that pain you felt once before.

Fair enough to assume that this is a memory from your early childhood.

Today we are going to bring the walls down because there’s no need to protect yourself anymore. All the things that your heart desires are standing behind that fear. Overcoming that fear will open up endless possibilities for you.

You’re probably wondering, how can I overcome my fears? Let me give you an example:

Fear of heights. It is a commonly adopted fear, for some even the thoughts of heights gets their hearts racing. The fear remains intact despite you knowing that jumping or climbing up to a height is safe and plenty of people have done it before you.

The trick here is to ignore the loud voices and thoughts and just do it. The first time is terrifying, but the second time is less nerveracking and the third time is already easy.

What we study here is that with repetition, you can adopt any characteristic and with practice, you make it your habit. Slowly but surely, you become confident. Today I want you to find where your lack confidence when you highlight your fears.

For Example:

If you have a fear of giving presentations in front of your colleagues, that means you need to act upon what it is you fear enough times until it’s second nature. That could mean practice speaking in front of a large crowd, prcatice tones and speech, etc..

Remember don’t think just do it, everything you wish is just behind this obstacle.

Action step:

Make a list of the five things you lack confidence in.

Pick the first one and start to find ways to break the fear into small pieces.

The practise that you’re going to do today is ideal for boosting your confidence subconsciously because once your subconscious mind has adopted a new behaviour, it will become automatic and second nature so you won’t even have to think about it.

By repeating affirmation over and over, you replace the outdated program and install a new one.

Write down what it means for you to be confident. Think bout how do people act, look, talk, etc.. How do you recognise it? what is the special about them?

Now, I want you to “adopt” each of the personalities you mentioned in your description and write them down as if you already have confidence.

For example:

I am calm and content.

I am certain and focused.

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