Day 23


Let me ask you this: what are your biggest accomplishments from the last five years?

Most of the people that I asked this question got stuck with the answer. The reason it happened is that you underestimate your abilities and therefore take your accomplishments for granted.

There is an ancient method to boost your confidence and it goes like this:

You create a small achievable task and proceed to take the necessary actions to complete that task and when the task is complete, you do something to celebrate your success. Simple right?

The purpose of this exercise is to train your mind to seek the end result of the celebration after the mission is accomplished. Once you visualise yourself to be a successful being who has the ability to live life without limits, you will gain the confidence that goes with that image.

During your journey, you completed so many fantastic tasks, big and small, but you have the tendency to ignore your abilities and success and focus on your inadequate character.

When your achievements are taken for granted, you can’t build a momentum of confidence and success.

You have to highlight everything that you did successfully, even if it looks trivial (in your own eyes). Thank yourself and say a good word as if you’re praising a child for good behaviour.

Action step:

For today’s exercise, I want you to focus just on your accomplishments and be proud of yourself. Maybe it’s time to celebrate all your achievements today.

Today you are going to focus on your accomplishments.

● List all of your accomplishments from every area of your life.
● List all the compliments and the rewards you had received.
● List all the obstacles you had overcome.

Go back to this list every time you feel doubt, small and incapable.

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