Day 24


Whatever situation you are in right now, having a purpose is critical. When you are going through a difficult moment, such as a breakup or divorce, having a purpose is what will help you get through it.

You can overcome any situation if you give your life meaning.

Finding your purpose is the most important thing in life. A purpose that inspires you and makes you feel alive, gives you direction and motivation.

It would be unfortunate if you were to pass through your life without pursuing your purpose and gaining any meaning or sense of direction. When you are not aiming somewhere, you will end up nowhere.

Finding your life purpose is a liberation. You are involved with activities that you love to do and you will feel fulfillment and excitement in your day to day life. Your circumstances will change, your happiness and prosperity will change and suddenly everything will fall into place.

The purpose you’re seeking lies within you. Every one of us has their own “calling” and if you do not live your purpose, it’s because you never look for it.

Setting up direction and meaning is crucial because in the moment that you choose your direction, all the universe’s forces and laws work in your favor. The act of choosing your direction or living your purpose is to be in harmony with the infinite possibilities.

You harness your mind’s power to work for you and bring every goal that you set up. Your mind will connect all the dots together and will create the impossible, possible.

Your goal will give you a sense of power that you know where you are going and what you want to achieve. You will feel in harmony with everything around you by knowing whatever happens is part of the bigger plan and everything is working for your highest good.

I want you to ask yourself what you desire most. The majority of us don’t know the answer to these simple questions that you keep avoiding because we frequently spiral into the thought that someone else is able to live our dreams better than us.

Action step:

Take a few minutes and think about how your life would look if you were to have the ultimate life.
● What would you do for a living?
● What does your day look like?
● What does your home look like?
● How would you enjoy your time?

Answer the questions from the list below without judging, criticising, or overthinking your answers.
1. What is the topic that always makes you feel emotional and fired up when you see it or talk about it?

2. What is the theme that you enjoy talking about the most?

3. What is the subject that draws you like a magnet when you have some free time?

4. What topic do you find yourself looking up further information on the most often

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