Day 25


As a matter of fact, we are all the same and so different at the same time

All of us have the same number of organs, the same liters of blood the same numbers of blood cells. The only thing that differentiates you from other people is your mind and the way you perceive the and interpret the world around you.

The process of finding your life purpose is a bit selfish because this time you are focusing solely on yourself and you have to dig in and find your secret ingredient, what makes you unique from others.

Since your mind is your own unique quality, you have to find something, an activity that feels so natural for you to do that it just becomes effortless performing it. A quality that seems normal to you but extraordinary to others.

Imagine what it would be like if you could let your soul dance every day, how it would feel to be involved with the very thing you love doing every day? Can you imagine yourself in the center of the universe and people loving you and complimenting you as you are?

This is the power of finding your life purpose, you become the center of your special sauce and at the same time you do what you love and people love you for what you doing, this is a win-win.

This is the power of discovering your life purpose, you are embracing your ‘special ingredient’, doing something you love and have people align with your energy, win-win

Don’t underestimate the power of today’s activities. Today you are going to discover your ‘special ingredient’.

Action step:

Answer the question from the list below without judging criticising or overthinking your answers.

1. What are topics that make your heart excited?
2. What activities made you impatient from eagerness to pursue?
3. What activities did you engage in to pass the time?
4. What do people ask you for help with because you are good at it?
5. How do you want to be remembered?

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