Day 26


Often at times we are too realistic and this alone holds us back to live our dream life. As a human being, you have marvels of power that can assist you in creating everything your heart desires.

This all comes from the mind, you just need to give the right command and direction in order to manifest whatever it is you want.

It’s fair to assume that from a young age, your dreams were shut down by your parents, telling you to “stop dreaming so big”. As the naive child you were, you listened to them and bottled up that dream and you became realistic.

What does realistic mean anyway? It means you plan ahead with your current resources; this kind of limitation will keep you exactly where you are.

Today’s exercise is designed to help you put your current resources aside and think without any limits to discover your core purpose because when you find it, you will not be limited in any way any longer.

So, today think big and let your mind and your soul connect with your passion that is waiting to be discovered.

Action step:

Answer the questions from the list below without judging, criticising or overthinking your answers.

1. What would you do tomorrow morning if you had enough money in your bank account to last you the rest of your life?
2. If failing wasn’t an option, what would you be doing?
3. What makes you content and fulfilled? (Hobbies, activities, work, etc…).
4. Can you recall what you were doing on the day that made you the happiest in your life?

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