Day 28


Everything around you was once in someone’s mind. The home that you live in was in the architect’s mind, the clothes you wear was in the designer’s mind, the car you drive was in the engineer’s mind. Every item that was ever created had to go through a definite process, a master plan and step-by-step process in order to get to the end result.

It is no different with your wishes and desires, there are end results at the end of the process but you have to plan and follow this process in order to manifest it.

So you ask yourself, what is the plan to find the right partner for me?

As the mind has created tangible things around you, it can create everything for you. Remember, “you are the center of the universe, and everything around you is created according to your thoughts”.

But consider this, you can’t be vague here, you have to be very precise. The mind will bring you everything you want but you have to tell it exactly what you want.

If I ask you what attributes you want your partner to have, your answer will start with the things that you don’t want your next partner to have, rather than the things that you actually want.

So, to go to the universe with a backward list of things that you don’t want will not bring you the ideal partner. The best way to create your ideal partner is to write down everything that you want them to display.

Ask for specific things. For example, “nice” is very vague, describe what those nice things are or “Good man” how is a good man supposed to act in your eyes?

In today’s exercise, I want you to create your ultimate partner and focus on the little details because today you are like the architect who envisioned that house in their mind first. You get to build your partner in your mind.

Action step:

Have a clear vision of your future partner (If you can’t see your future partner, just feel it).

How do you want to feel in your relationship? Surrounded with love, security, empowerment, joy, happiness?

How does your partner look? How do they behave and what is their attitude?

See your partner with the right qualities that you always wanted.

Hold the vision of your loving partner in your mind, when you meet the right person you will know it because you created it.

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