Day 29


It is scientifically proven that the state of health you visuialise in your mind is the state that you are experiencing in reality.

Research shows that overweight people who want to lose weight have to change the vision they have of themselves first. They have to change the image in their mind because when they see themselves as overweight people, no matter what they will do, they will always return to the weight they have pictured in mind.

Visualization has proven time and time again to be an incredibly powerful tool that helps people heal from uncured diseases and restore mobility after diagnosises of disablity.

The question is, in what state of health do you see yourself?

Keep in mind that in order to manifest the level of life you desire, you must first develop it in your mind. You must first envision it in your mind before it can become a reality.

With that said, the most important thing about visualization is to focus on your desired outcome, regardless of your condition today.

Today I want you to create your ultimate healthy version of yourself with zero limits. Visualise yourself with the sharpest of details; happy, energised, fulfilled, etc… Imagine having a completely healthy body in perfect shape that reflect happiness and confidence.

The key word here is imagine, you have to see yourself through your mind’s eyes.

Now, for every word that you think of, you have to picture it in your mind.

Let’s try it out. Can you picture a pink elephant in your mind ?

Of course you can, it’s because you created a direct correlation between the words that you read and how they look.

Every word has its association in your mind, so the question is what pictures come to your mind from the words:

● Happy
● Content
● Confident

Continue with those questions to find out how you want to see yourself in all aspects of your life.

See yourself first in your mind then develop it to become your reality. Hold your ultimate picture in your mind as often as possible, that will help you to step into your new version of yourself sooner.

Action step:

Today you’re going to create the best, healthy version of yourself.

Visualise yourself as a healthy, happy person.

● What are you doing to maintain a high level of care for yourself?
● What are you eating?
● How do you indulge your body and soul?
● Who are the people that you let be in your inner circle?
● What are you doing to maintain your happiness and fulfillment level?
● How do you enrich your personal growth?

Go back often to your ultimate healthy version.

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