Day 4


Today, I want you to focus on the little details that happened along the way and identify, for yourself, the causes of the breakup.

The mind releases chemicals for every emotion that you experience. Over time, those emotions blend with chemicals in your brain to create bonds, sparks and attachments between you and your partner.

The bonds are so strong that it can form a cloud of deception, fogging your rational thinking and you start to pay less attention to the little changesaround you. Whether it being the way your partner behaves or the way they talk to you, the accumulation of all the little things will eventually drive you to separating.

Studies have shown that every ten years, every individual undergoes a change and it could be in terms of interests, behavior, and/or goals.

Every couple shares a common foundation that they built a relationship on top of. When one of you changes and is no longer moving parallel to the other, that person begins to lose interest in the connection and relationship they are in, searching elsewhere for new areas of commonality.

Action step:

● Can you relate to personal changes that caused you both to grow separately?
● list all the reasons why your relationship failed for both of you.
● List any benefits of not continuing the relationship.

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