Day 6


“What you resist, persists.”

All of your actions represent your resistance to reality; you don’t want it, you won’t accept it, and you push it away. It just may look as though forces outside of your control are putting you in uncomfortable situations where you must face them and change every aspect of your life to fit the new reality.

How does it feel to resist the new circumstances? If you are like me, it probably feels like anger, frustration, hopelessness and helplessness. It can also feel like pressure is tightening around your chest, feeling suffocated.

The truth is no one can change reality, no one can bend the situation in their favor and it doesn’t matter how hard you will try, eventually you will end up exhausted and devastated.
What if there is a way to soften your feelings? let’s think together for a second.

You faced a breakup and your reaction caused you to have all those feelings and sensations. Let’s move one step further, if everything was perfect, why did you end up here?

Your resistance will not bring you to where you want to be, resistance will keep you where you are currently.

Comprehending why and how this relationship ended will bring you closer to recovery.

The only way to change your external situation is to change your reaction to your new reality and accept it as it is.

The intention of that exercise was to bring to your awareness all the things that you’re resisting without awareness, giving reason to those pressure chest feelings.

Action step:

● What emotions am I feeling right now about the breakup, and am I allowing myself to fully experience them? Resistance often stems from a desire to suppress or avoid uncomfortable emotions, so it’s important to acknowledge and accept your feelings in order to move through them.
● Am I holding onto any beliefs or expectations about the relationship or my ex-partner that are preventing me from accepting the reality of the situation? Resistance can also come from holding onto false hopes or unrealistic expectations, so it’s important to reflect on any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that may be keeping you stuck.
● What actions am I taking (or not taking) that may be keeping me in a state of resistance? For example, are you avoiding social situations, ruminating on past events, or refusing to let go of certain items or memories associated with the relationship? By identifying these actions, you can begin to make conscious choices to move toward acceptance and healing.

Do not miss anything write down every little thing.

When you’re ready to release that resistance, set the paper on fire.

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